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I refuse to give my life to the State of Texas.  They refuse to let me go, despite no evidence.  I'm seeking legal assistance in research, filing motions, legal representation, and donations for legal fees.  I'm also seeking friends to help ease the loneliness of being imprisoned.

I know many say they are innocent- what makes me any different?  My co-defendents say I didn't do it, that I had no part in it.  One testified, and my trial attorney (Tim James) told me Colton refused.  That was a LIE- Colton is more than willing to testify.  Mr. James never subpoenaed him.  I was convicted on circumstantial evidence and hearsay conflicting testimonies.  There was no physical evidence at all.  All I want is for justice to prevail, and for the truth to finally be revealed.  This case involves two juveniles; one of them is my daughter- Shaina Sepulvedo- who was only 16 at the time.  She says my husband was molesting her.

Being in prison is hard, especially when you didn't do what your are here for doing.  Having one of your children here, it's even worse.  At this time, we're only allowed a visit once a year for two hours- punishment no one should endure.  But, I have not seen Shaina since January of 2008, well over 3 years (contrary to TDCJ's promises). 

Prior to this, I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist and worked in a hospital- saving lives, not taking them.  I also had a part-time  moonwalk rental business, and I helped my husband run his trucking company.  Together, we had four children- he two boys, and I two girls.

Since being incarcerated, I have received an On the Job Training Certification as a cook, and a Graphic Designer.  I've also received certifications from the National Library of Congress, both as a Literary Certified Transcriber of Braille and Nemeth Math Certified Transcriber. 

I'm not giving in to prison life, but I refuse to sit here and waste away.  I won't give Texas that satisfaction.  I hope and pray that, by posting this website, someone will find it in their heart to help me.  Legal help, friends, and pen-pals are all welcomed to respond.  Your help is desperately needed, and I urge you to read The Real Story.

   -Marcia Kelly

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